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  • Shayan

    I am yet to hear from Vicente Zabala as to why the areas he worked on which were my back and left diaphragm have left me in so much pain and discomfort that I can hardly move.

    It has now been more than a week and the pain is yet to subside.

    I believe these issues certainly have something to do with the excessive pressure applied on my surgical site.

    Vicente was aware that I had recently undergone a hernia repair so for him to repeatedly jam his fingers where I was operated just didn’t make sense.

    This is not the type of service one should be receiving from a RMT especially since there was minimal follow up and later on a suggestion to meet with an acupuncturist at his clinic, a treatment which again made absolutely no sense as nothing was explained as to why he was suggesting it.

    I will be reporting this to CMTO. Please refrain from going to this clinic and receiving any care from this particular individual.

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