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  • Christine Thomson

    i can’t thanks Sarah enough for helping me finally get pain free. I had hip surgery a year ago and had given up on the idea that I would ever be pain free, until I talked to her. She is educated and highly experienced, and with only two treatments I am now walking and completely pain free. She knew exactly how to figure out what was wrong me and how to treat me and I am so grateful. I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially if you are recovering from a serious injury. Thank you Sarah!

  • Betty Marchington

    Sarah is an amazing RMT who helped me get through terrible pain from a herniated disc and sciatica. She is extremely professional, reliable and conveniently offers online booking. I have recommended her to many friends who have required the services of an RMT, all who have been very satisfied. Her knowledge and experience are evident when working with her, and she provided me with exercises that have helped me maintain good health since my injury.

  • Hurt wife

    She is having an affair with my husband who is also a patient. Zero stars. She should loose her license. Home wrecker. Sent anonymously to protect what dignity I have left

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