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  • Colette

    I was being treated by him for muscle pain on right side front area rib to groin. He said I had a lot of scar tissue deep in right groin area . Which he treated with deep massage, ultra sound and acupuncture. For some unknown reason at one appointment he had me lay on my stomach and he bent my left leg up where my foot almost touched my head….hurt like heck but I thought it was all part of treatment…I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. The next morning when I awoke I could not move my legs. I couldn’t lift my butt to roll over to get out of bed. I called him from my bedside phone and when I told him what was happening he said ” I must have been a bit too aggressive ” I was On the phone about half hour with him as he walked me through some stretches and exercise so that I could get up. . When I got up I went to his office for a treatment.. Heat and massage.. Didn’t help much… I had to sleep sitting up for over a yr, had to quit my job , sports and my dance group. It has been over four yrs now and I am still in a lot of pain, can’t lay flat to sleep, can’t do housework or gardening and other activities I used to do and because of not being able to walk properly now I need a knee replacement. Thanks Ed… How many others have you hurt . You shouldn’t be practicing at all.

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