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  • blank Patricia

    It has been my pleasure to be under the treatment of Rhonda. She is a very caring person. She is interested in the whole person and her treatments reflect that. Her calm demeanour , positive outlook and caring personality go far in hand with the treatments that are offered. A good listener as well.
    Thank you Rhonda

  • blank Anonymous

    I have been treated by Rhonda since November of 2014 and I can not begin to put into words how truly valuable her services are. From Matrix Repatterning, to Massage Therapy, to Acupuncture Rhonda has been able to address many health issues I have long suffered from. I have seen my own personal results, my husbands, mother, brother and friends – and whole heartedly know that I will be a client for life.

    Most recently my husband and I were struggling with fertility issues. At one of my visits with Rhonda I brought up the very sensitive subject and she immediately suggested that she believed she could use acupuncture as a successful and natural method of treatment. Now you must understand I have a severe needle phobia, but in my opinion the reward would outweigh the fear. Not only did Rhonda focus on increasing fertility but she also addressed my anxiety disorder, stress levels and a number of other little issues that I had. I have to tell you that no other doctor, therapist, specialist has ever been able to help me the way Rhonda did. I may not have conceived after the first treatment, but I noticed my quality of life change over the course of the next two months, no more panic attacks, positive disposition, and a huge weigh off of my shoulders – I had never truly noticed how heavy the burden was.

    Fast forward and I am now almost completely over my fear of needles, happy, healthy, and expecting! Rhonda is passionate about helping others and it is evident in what she does. Thank you so much Rhonda!

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