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  • Juli Johns

    This therapist is excellent. His treatments are relaxing but firm and effective. He doesn’t talk too much during the sessions, allowing me to zen out, and he has a nice, calm energy about him.

  • Harassment for poor review.

    Warning. If you write a truthful review that Jeff is not happy about then he will blow up your phone with messages and calls demanding that the review be removed. He will offer and excuse for his weird clinic talk and blame his behavior on how uncomfortable he was as a therapist during the massage. He will not address his unethical techniques where he climbs on the table and performs a wrestling move called a pile driver. All while the clients groin is exposed and not even attempted to be draped with sheets. Then he sits there and stares as you get dressed without offering to leave the room. Yes my bf who received the treatment was not as bothered as I was. Until I asked if it would be ok if the same massage was given to an underage boy. Then the light goes off that this rmt is a pig using this profession to act out his perverted fantasies while getting paid by insurance coverage. If you want to be a rub and tug masseur then do it at home, not at the Courtenay Massage Therapy place on 10th street. Stop calling and stop texting. These reviews can’t be deleted. You should erase your profile. The other 2 submissions besides mine are clearly fake. Elmer Labutt. Come on. Make up a real name at least. Pathetic. Still want to talk? I asked you boss Katie to set up a meeting for the 3 of us. She needs to witness you bullshit as you try and feed it to me.

    1. Jeff Colley

      Elmer Labutt haha. That is fake alright. Must have been the ratings website that came up with it. I regret my “keep it manly” comment and I wish that I had not said it. The reason I wanted to contact you was to tell you I have a wife and kids, so I really don’t appreciate your child references, nor do I have any sort of interest in your boyfriends’ underwear. I do, however, see how the comment could be interpreted wrong and I am sorry for it. As for the treatment, that was an indicated traction technique that I used, with eye contact to monitor patient response. Thank you.

      1. Juli Johns

        I also really appreciate his presence and intuition during the sessions. He is a very good listener, with the knowledge to be helpful.

        1. Jeff Colley

          Thank you, Juli.

  • Martin Naroznik

    I highly recommend this RMT. He has helped me tremendously with my shoulder.

  • Boyfriend of victim

    This therapist is unethical, unprofessional and should have his rmt license revoked. You massaged my partner recently. When he explained he had a neck injury you said that you can “save the relaxation part for after. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it manly.” Wtf does that mean you pervert. You had him transfer the treatment room in his underwear due to water that started to flood the space. You stayed and watched as he got dressed, making him very uncomfortable. You likely made his neck injury worse because of your techniques that have nothing to do with massage therapy. You faced him while he was face up on the table and picked up both his legs to pull them skywards, exposing his entire genital region. You kept hold of his legs up, placing all the weight and pressure of his body on his neck, as you climbed to a standing position on the table and yanked his legs upward as you looked into his eyes. You are a pig and not a moment of that massage was therapeutic, safe or comfortable. I have started a complaint with your employer at Courtenay massage therapy on 10th street. I will ask that my partner launch a formal complaint to the college of massage therapist. I certainly hope you never work on those underage or uneducated on how a professional rmt session should be conducted.

    1. Fed up

      Never would you pass the oral practical exam of a rmt if you stood on a table during a treatment. Nowhere in rmt is traction performed in this manner at all. I studied rmt myself, I know. Never is it indicated to put traction on a neck injury by lifting the legs to the sky. It’s contraindicated actually. If you can’t drape sheets to cover the crotch of your clients than you are a shit therapist. If you stare and remain in the room with someone getting dressed, you should never work with kids. I suppose I will have to write this complaint to the college of massage therapist and you can try to bullshit your way out of it to them. You license should
      Be revoked.

  • Elmer Labutt

    Jeff is an amazing massage therapist, I’d travel across the country for his services. I feel a brand new human after each massage. Highly recommended.

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